Casting Shadows


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Debut EP of a russian acoustic post-folk trio Illumnation. Songs of friendship, faith and creatures from other worlds and dimensions.


released June 30, 2017

Velvet R. Wings - harp, vocals, backing vocals, ocarina, djembe in 2
Lynch - guitars
Andy Feelin - bass, backing vocals in 2

Pechka - percussion in 3, 4
Fenih - sound engineering

All songs written by Velvet R. Wings, arranged by Lynch, SDreamExplorerS and Andy Feelin
All lyrics written by Velvet R. Wings
Cover art by Velvet R. Wings

We would like to thank our families, friends and everyone who was paying attention

Special thanks to: Elena Sharoeva, Flutepon, Patrick Poe, Dæp, Asstain, El Aeni, Just Studio, Archeology club, Fairytale Show Theatre, My Little Pony team and Terry Pratchett.



all rights reserved


Velvet R. Wings & ILLUMNATION Moscow, Russia

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Track Name: NightMares pt. 1
(translation from Russian)

Whose claws do you see in the naked branches?
What secret fear are you driving out of your heart?
Night, reveal all the secrets!
What have you prayed for in the silence of the night?
Why have you appealed so carelessly to me?
I'm coming for you

Look into my face, hear my voice -
I am the mother of all your nightmares!
I am the one that comes and reveals all your fears!
Inseparable with you, I am your shadow on the wall
There is no way out of the subconscious mind

You have no right to look back
It is not for you to decide whether you can or not
Meet your own fear
Pressure on the heart, so hard to breath
But know that you must go this way
You are stuck in your dreams

Look into my face, hear my voice
I am the mother of all your nightmares!
I am the one who comes and reveals all fears and shame!
Just know, that there is a way back
Don't run - turn around and look into my eyes

Just know, that there is a way back
You must face your fears
Track Name: NightMares pt. 2
(translation from Russian)

Every night is a time of great battle,
Between me and her, between her and you.
But do not be afraid - I'm here, behind your back,
I'll show you how to solve everything.
Her blade is in your hands.
Her weapon is your fear.

Even though you lost your light thread
Which has led you to the land of your dreams.
But do not be afraid, breathe in calmly,
I've passed through that myself.
Do you know how to find the way back?
You must face your fears.

That's all. I'm here.
I'll take you home.
You see? Your terrible nightmare has receded.
You accepted your fear - and you won.
Track Name: Lullaby For Friends
(translation from Russian)

When you're weak and tired,
When the darkest hour of the night had come,
Let my wing illuminate your path,
Close your eyes... Try to sleep

This world is not so simple.
Nopony will answer my eternal question.
And the trouble knocks on the door,
But I know the way - believe in me

You saw the light, you followed it,
But once stumbled, you fell down...
The wicked wind carried away all the tales and dreams,
Which were full of hope and pain

You saw them, but you never could fly,
And the light in your eyes almost disappeared,
You almost forgot who you are.
But I will remind you - just follow me.

Sleep well, my dear friend.
Have you seen shadows gathered around?
Their fury is blind, their eyes are cold...
But I will be here, I will watch over your sleep